Thursday, October 1, 2015

meantime/meanwhile: Common Errors in English Usage Entry for Thursday, October 1, 2015

Although most authorities now consider these words interchangeable, some people still prefer to use “meanwhile” when it stands alone at the beginning of a sentence: “Meanwhile the dog buried the baby’s pacifier in the garden.” They prefer “meantime” to be used only in the expression “in the meantime”: “In the meantime, the dog chewed up my last tennis ball.”

This week we introduce the Common Errors in English Usage podcast with Paul Brians. In the first episode we talk about the passing of Yogi Berra and the phenomenon of Yogi-isms.

This is the tenth year of the Common Errors in English Usage calendar. To celebrate, we are bringing back some of our favorite interesting, funny, but sometimes merely silly entries through the years before going on hiatus in 2016.

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