Wednesday, December 7, 2016

This Week: BOOK SALE CONTINUES + Photography on the podcast (part 2) + acronyms and apostrophes

acronyms and apostrophes
One unusual modern use of the apostrophe is in plural acronyms, like “ICBM’s,” “NGO’s,” and “CD’s.” Since this pattern violates the rule that apostrophes are not used before an S indicating a plural, many people object to it. It is also perfectly legitimate to write “CDs,” etc. Likewise for “50s.” But the use of apostrophes with initialisms like “learn your ABC’s” and “mind your P’s and Q’s” is now so universal as to be acceptable in almost any context.

Note that “acronym” was used originally only to label pronounceable abbreviations like “NATO,” but is now generally applied to all sorts of initialisms. Be aware that some people consider this extended definition of “acronym” to be an error.

End-of-year sale: Get the book for just $15 through the end of the year (free shipping within the US).

On the podcast this week, we take a holiday from our usual language-centered discussion to continue talking about photography.

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