Thursday, December 31, 2015

year end and year out/year in and year out: Common Errors in English Usage Entry for Thursday, December 31, 2015 + News About the Future of the Calendar

year end and year out/year in and year out 
When something goes on continually, it is traditional to say it happens “year in and year out,” meaning “from the beginning of the year to its end—and so on year after year.”

The mistaken form “year end and year out” doesn’t make sense because “year end” and “year out” both refer to the same part of the year, so no time span is being described.

The latest podcast is about changes in style for the coming year.

This is the tenth year of the Common Errors in English Usage calendar. To celebrate, we are bringing back some of our favorite interesting, funny, but sometimes merely silly entries through the years before going on hiatus in 2016. However, look for a weekly mailing with a featured entry and cartoon beginning January 6.

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