Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Book Sale Continues + translucent/transparent/opaque + New Blog Post by Paul Brians

Although technically anything that light can shine through is translucent, most writers now reserve this word for substances that don’t clearly display what is on the other side. A frosted window-pane, a thin rice-paper screen, or a sheet of tissue paper may be called “translucent.” A clear window or camera lens is transparent. “Sheer” fabric can be either translucent or transparent. Better check before you go out in public.

“Opaque” is the opposite of “translucent.” Anything solid through which light cannot pass is opaque.


Paul Brians’ latest blog post sheds some light on a fascinating book by Alan Moore.

Two books on sale this month, $15 each with free shipping:



We bid farewell to the podcast some time ago, but if you could use more light these days, you might want to listen to “The Solstice and Celestial Terms.”

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