Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Book Sale! Also, the Latest Blog Post from Paul Brians + A Couple of Favorites

Paul Brians’ Common Errors in English Usage is on sale through the end of the year—just $15 with free domestic shipping (US). Looking for something a little different? Far from the Madding Gerund is also on sale through the year’s end.

Here are a couple of old favorites from Common Errors in English Usage:

This one is always good for a laugh. The gods are deities, after the Latin deus, meaning “god.”

If you fling a jam-covered biscuit at the wall and it sticks, the result may be a “wall scone”; but if you are describing a wall-mounted light fixture, the word you want is sconce.



Paul Brians’ most recent blog post muses on various uses for “mac.”
We bid farewell to the podcast some time ago, but we discussed today’s featured cartoons in Episode 113: Giving Thanks for the Book.

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