Wednesday, January 17, 2018

This Week: Refills, Emergencies & More on the Podcast + Paul Brians' latest blog post + taunt/taut/tout

I am told that medical personnel often mistakenly refer to a patient’s abdomen as “taunt” rather than the correct “taut.” “Taunt” (“tease” or “mock”) can be a verb or noun, but never an adjective. “Taut” means “tight, distended,” and is always an adjective. “Taut” is also occasionally misspelled “taught.”

Don’t confuse “taunt” with “tout,” which means “promote,” as in “Senator Bilgewater has been touted as a Presidential candidate.” You tout somebody you admire and taunt someone that you don’t.


On the podcast this week, we pick up on our discussion of terms related to politics and government

Paul Brians talks about Donald Duck and translating interjections in his latest blog post.

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